Below is a listing of Adventure Experience Tour Packages that we have available, but please keep in mind that we also cater to customized tours contact us for more information.

Northern Aurora Adventure

If you are a northward looking adventurer you will be astounded by the exploding sky, high over the northern landscape. Awesome lights dance in arcs and curtains with beauty finer than the imagination can comprehend. More

3 Nights/4 Days, Price: $934.00

Naturally Taiga

If you are interested in wildlife or birds for all seasons we have plenty for you. More

3 Nights/4 Days, Price: $1,004.00

Taiga Way Eco-Fishing 'Catch and Release'

Is there anything more beautiful than the early morning diamond ripples on a lake or the smell of wood smoke at shore lunchtime? Can you remember the song of your reel as a trout runs with your line? Or the song of the loon calling you into a hidden bay? More

5 Nights/6 Days, Price: $1,759.00

Great Taiga Outdoor Adventure

Our guides, facilities, and land is all there for your experience. The stories, the sounds of nature, the wildlife and bird settings, the thrill of flying in a helicopter or fixed-wing plane, is all there to experience whether you like to fish, observe nature, or test your outdoor skills; it is all there for you. More

5 Nights/6 Days, Price: $2,198.00

Taiga Canoe Adventure

The waterways lead through winding flood plains and rock covered shores. Only you can experience this joy yourself, of seeing, smelling, hearing, and tasting nature. How long has it been since you smelled wood smoke over the water or shared a breakfast of bacon and pancakes with your friend? Don't wait. The North is calling to you. More

5 Nights/6 Days, Price: $1,205.00
10 Nights/11 Days, Price: $2,258.00

Taiga Down North Boat Adventure

All rivers run north in the Northwest Taiga Zone. Your down north boat adventure will follow the trails of early explorers, traders, and the Dene. The area is pristine with a great diversity of bird and animal life. The flora is also exquisite. Visiting people who live on the river, seeing all the sites and villages, will bring you back in time to the opening of the north. More

5 Nights/6 Days, Price: $1,416.00

Taiga Dog Team Adventure

Escape to the wilderness of a winter wonderland. Join a friend or family member on the most memorable excursion. Travel old historic trails, used for centuries by the Dene of this land. Experience hospitality, excitement, and test your endurance, your inquisitive nature, by driving your own dog team. More

5 Nights/6 Days, Price: $1,990.00
10 Nights/11 Days, Price: $3,600.00

Taiga Snowmobile Tour

The Taiga snowmobile adventure will excite and challenge you. Leaving from Fort Smith, You will cruise out to Fort Fitzgerald and the historic Slave Rapids. Winding your way across the Slave River, you will enter the mouth of the Dog River and follow it out to the historic trail travelled by famous explorers, such as Alexander MacKenzie. Your Dene guide will ensure your safety and comfort when leading you out into the Taiga forest. You will meet local trappers and traditional Dene people. You will pass by old camps and hear many stories about the area. More

5 Nights/6 Days, Price: $1,250.00
10 Nights/11 Days, Price: $2,258.00