Northern adventurers have always marvelled at the explosion of birdsong and flight in spring. Nature coming alive in rebirth of life, calls out to us in all its haunting cries. More than birds can be found in this Taiga hinterland. The challenge is to search out and find the makers of sweet song and flitting shadows in the Aspen stands. What bird is that echoing its call through the giant spruce? What bird is dipping at the river's edge or waiting in the reeds? Could that be a peregrine soaring above a cliff edge? What silhouette is that against the brilliant sky? Is it a sandhill or whooping crane? Is it a peregrine falcon? How that pelican soars on uplifting thermals! Wow, look at that eagle! Or is it an osprey?

Come and see for yourself! Only you can remember your naturally Taiga Adventure. If you are interested in wildlife or birds for all seasons we have plenty for you. Have you watched a buffalo wallow in the summer sands? Have you crept up to a beaver colony? Have you watched the red-sided garter snake in its mating ritual? If this doesn't stir you to excitement, then the black and brown bears will. They especially like to linger along roadways eating roots, grasses, and berries. Many photo opportunities arise to challenge your skills and knowledge.

As you adjust to the silence and pristine surroundings of the North you will marvel at the diversity of plant, bird, and animal life. There are no secrets here; it is all for you to watch and enjoy.

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