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Guide Training Program
  • Outdoor Guide Training Level I
  • Guide Training Level II - Big Game Hunting
  • Guide Training Level II - Fishing
  • Eco-Tourism and Interpretive Guiding
  • Traditional Outdoor Cooking
  • Shore Lunch and Tent Camp
  • Owner/Outfitter Small Business Development
St. John Ambulance First Aid
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Standard Levels First Aid
Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
  • Information/Knowledge
  • Skills and Techniques
  • Emergencies with Cardiovascular Systems
WHIMIS (Workplace Hazardous Industrial Material Information System)
  • WCB Material Handling
  • Protection
  • Health and Safety in the Workplace
Emergency Preparedness
  • Planning for Emergency
  • Preparing for Emergency
  • Emergency Preparedness for Outdoor Camps and Wilderness Facilities
Survival Training - Outdoor
  • Travel in the North
  • Outdoor Techniques
  • Remote Trip Planning
Canadian Red Cross Society
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Standard First Aid
  • Basic Life Support
Consulting Services
  • Community Tourism Plans
  • Intervention and Dispute Leadership
  • Forestry Management Planning
  • Wildlife Harvesting Planning
  • Fish Harvesting Planning
  • Forest Protection Planning
  • Fire Prevention Program Planning
  • Fire Detection Program Planning
  • Forest Fire Suppression Planning
  • Community Protection Planning
  • Parks Development and Co-Management Planning